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Reminds me a lot of how big of a deal some of the cruder anti-imperialist
elements made about the guy from Brigham Young University who wrote a paper
suggesting that there were bombs in the Twin Towers. I don't recall his
name, but he was probably the only person with a chemical/engineering
background that supported the 9/11 conspiracy theories at the time. He
became their celebrity precisely because he was literally the only guy.

I can't say I was happy about how BYU treated him afterward -- even people
with crazy ideas should not be subject to career issues because of what
they say, in my opinion -- but I do remember the same effect: they brought
him into their fringe circle and slowly all these crank ideas got mixed in
with the aura of professional/scientific legitimacy.

Postol's decision to bring PartisanGirl into the mix is incredibly foolish.
The discussion between him and DK almost looked like a serious discussion,
especially for those of us who are not experts in this field. But
PartisanGirl is one of the Space-Lizards-Illuminati-type people and her
commentary is absurd. I think she has a lot of followers primarily because
she is good-looking. Same thing with some of the other millenial right-wing

- Amith

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