[Marxism] Fwd: Some thoughts on tomorrow's protests

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 18:43:11 MDT 2017

Is the Maduro government going to fall, Michael?  he seems to be trapped
half way to the revolution and surrounded by enemies who see compromise for
weakness.  I am all for broad coalitions etc, a la Chavez, but the Right
seem to want to call a ruthless Leninism into being. we had Allende and
they had Pinochet.



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> > Subject: Some thoughts on tomorrow's protests
> >
> >
> >>
> >> All the opposition marches in April called by Henrique Capriles and
> other Venezuelan leaders of the MUD have sought to reach downtown Caracas.
> The ostensible goal is to present a petition to the Defensoria del Pueblo.
> In a normal situation, such a mobilization would certainly be legitimate.
> But opposition leaders fully realize that the government will not allow for
> the protesters to march from the wealthy eastern part of Caracas to the
> downtown area. There are echoes of the April 11, 2002 march that led into
> the coup against President Chávez, when the opposition newspaper El
> Nacional published the large banner headline “The Final Battle in
> Miraflores,” encouraging people that day to march to the presidential
> palace.
> >>
> >> Let us assume that the Maduro government, acting in good faith, were to
> allow the opposition protesters to march to the center of Caracas. Such a
> scenario would go something like this:
> >>
> >> Scenario one: The Maduro government meets with opposition leaders and
> grants them permission to march to the center of Caracas. The opposition
> agrees to limit the march to 35,000 people and to end the protest in the
> late afternoon.
> >>
> >> Scenario two: Peaceful march to the center of Caracas. Everything goes
> according to plan.
> >>
> >> Scenario three: Opposition leaders such as Freddy Guervara (as he has
> said in the past) announces that the opposition will remain in the center
> of Caracas until their demands are met. The less extremist leaders such as
> Capriles now call on their followers to join the protest and people come in
> from the eastern part of Caracas, from the eastern part of Venezuela and
> from the west as far away as Táchira, Mérida and Maracaibo. There are now
> 750,000 protesters in the center of Caracas.
> >>
> >> Scenario four: At nighttime, the guarimba brigades, which during the
> 2014 protests were responsible for widespread destruction and violence and
> have acted in a similar way in recent days, go on a rampage and clash with
> national guardsmen and police.
> >>
> >> Scenario five: CNN and other international news outlets juxtapose the
> confrontation of the guarimba brigades with security forces, on the one
> hand, and the peaceful protesters, on the other, thus leaving the
> impression that the government is using random force against peaceful
> protesters (April 11, 2002 anyone?).
> >>
> >> Scenario six: At this point Maduro may see the handwriting on the wall
> in which case he resigns. If he doesn’t, we can all imagine scenarios
> seven, eight and nine.
> >>
> >> from my blog http://steveellnersblog.blogspot.com/2017/04/what-
> would-happen-if-venezuelan.html
> >>
> >>
> >
> >
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