[Marxism] the coming British Election

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 18 20:56:00 MDT 2017

I put this up in hope that someone from the UK will post something.  -

The news that May has called a snap election at the height of her
popularity in the polls is hardly a surprise.  the Labor Parliamentary
Party has reacted with dismay.  The "moderates" have spent a year now
trying to drive the party down in the polls so that Corbyn would resign.
They have succeeded in that. The party is bumping along at 20 something %.
Now the scumbags may be faced with the consequences of their treachery - a
lot of them will lose their seats.  Suddenly Corbyn is to blame again.

The Guardian which is really the rallying point for the ""moderates" is
also dismayed.  By sabotaging Corbyn the "moderates" and the Guardian may
have guaranteed a Tory landslide.

I hate to sound pessimistic but the experiment of taking over the Labour
Party and trying to turn it to the Left looks like it will end in tears.  I
don't blame Corbyn.  He lacks charisma but is a decent man surrounded and
besieged by filth.

We seem to be at the stage that things will have to get worse before they
get better.  The apathy and despair among the English working class is
palpable even from here. Many of them will not even vote now. Caste
consciousness still prevails in large sectors of the working class. It all
seems hopeless, actually.

Still Scotland refuses to be defined by English apathy. Wales too may
strike a spark. But as Tom Nairn said so long ago the English are
irredeemably Tory.

Sorry to sound so down about it all. Ah well.... I would be delighted to
hear if I am wrong.



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