[Marxism] Uyghur Nation

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Apr 21 07:34:06 MDT 2017

Truncated the final paragraph:

The Uyghur story is, Brophy concludes, "a history of creative responses 
from below to imperial, national, and revolutionary state policies", and 
this valuable contribution to the field will no doubt encourage scholars 
to think about the history of the peoples of Xinjiang in a wider Central 
Asian context. A question remains, however - and one beyond the scope of 
this inquiry - as to how the new state-promoted "Uyghur" category came 
to be adopted by people in Xinjiang in the decades after the communist 
takeover of the region. What is remarkable is that a "palimpsest of 
Islamic, Turkic and Soviet notions of national history and identity" 
created by activists outside Xinjiang could have resonated so widely 
among Xinjiang's diverse population. In this respect, the Uyghur case is 
probably unique, and David Brophy's book thus deserves to be read by 
anyone with an interest in nation-building.

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