[Marxism] We can do better than capitalist liberty

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Mon Apr 24 05:45:11 MDT 2017

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We can do better than capitalist liberty

Communism can only succeed with the maximum amount of individual 
liberty. And only communism can deliver both "negative" and "positive" 


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US must take the Bosnia option and occupy Syria now!

Anyone who is anti-war must support massive US intervention in Syria to 
end the bloodshed and help the country in the painful process of getting 
back on track politically and economically. In other words we need a US 
lead occupation. The Russians should not be a major obstacle. They know 
the Assad regime's days are numbered and they share the same concern 
about defeating Al Qaeda and ISIS.

I really hope the US military is starting the trickle of troops and 
equipment that will need to become a torrent in the next month or so. 
Their job will be to the end the civil war by destroying Al Qaeda and 
Daesh (ISIS) and any other troublemakers, and then facilitate the 
postwar political process.  I am talking about something similar to the 
NATO occupation of Bosnia which ended the slaughter and genocide in that 
country 20 years ago.

Continuing massacres in Syria only add to the urgency of massive 

We must demand that Trump acts immediately. If America's western allies 
were not so pathetic they would  be putting on the pressure and 
announcing their own contribution to an American lead effort.

It would also be a good time to ask why the major western European 
countries do not have the transport and logistic capacity to project 
military power into the Middle East North Africa region and have to rely 
excessively on the United States.

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