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(A new book by the author of "The Lost City of Z".)

The Osage were warriors, buffalo hunters, harvesters, farmers—one of the 
great nations of the Great Plains. Europeans who encountered them early 
on described them as uncommonly tall, well-built, imposing: The "finest 
men we have ever seen," Thomas Jefferson said in 1804, after meeting a 
delegation of Osage chiefs in the White House. By the time of 
Jefferson's death, they'd been stripped of their ancestral lands—"forced 
to cede nearly a hundred million acres," David Grann writesin Killers of 
the Flower Moon, "ultimately finding refuge in a 50-by-125-mile area in 
southeastern Kansas." And in the years immediately following the Civil 
War, American settlers and squatters began to force the Osage off of the 
land they'd resettled.

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