[Marxism] Jeffery Webber and the "pink tide"

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Apr 26 11:27:19 MDT 2017

Just finished Jeffery Webber's 300 page book on how the "pink tide" in 
Latin America was a neoliberal con job aided and abetted by Martha 
Harnecker. Will be writing something tomorrow for Counterpunch but will 
state at this point how sterile this exercise is. It reminds me of all 
those articles in the ISO press for the past 15 years based on 
interviews with Venezuelan "revolutionaries" who testified against the 
perfidy of the Chavistas. The problem is that pointing out the 
deficiencies of Morales, Chavez or Correa is relatively easy. The hard 
part is developing strategies that can lead to a socialist revolution 
and becoming part of an organized movement that can gain the allegiance 
of the masses. Whatever else you want to say about Morales, Chavez and 
Correa, they knew how to win people to their ideas. Unless the Marxist 
left can develop the same sort of abilities, it is next to useless. You 
should never forget that Lenin's polemics against the Mensheviks was 
only part of his legacy. For every article excoriating Martov, there 
were a dozen others with proposals on LEFT UNITY and STRATEGY. If you 
think that Leninism is the same thing as denouncing Morales for 
encouraging soybean farms in Bolivia, you really need to study Lenin 
more thoroughly.

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