[Marxism] Miguel Abensour. 1939 – 2017. OBituary of a radical Left thinker of ‘Insurgent Democracy”.

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Miguel Abensour. 1939 – 2017. Radical Left ‘Insurgent Democracy”.

"Abensour was influenced by  Castoriadis and the review Socialisme ou Barbarie (1949 – 1967) During the sixties he was as founder of Utopie, whose other best known figure was Jean Baudrillard. The title of the journal could stand for a life-long interest in utopian thought, from Thomas More, William Morris, Walter Benjamin the anthropologist Pierre Clastres who speculated on societies without states, to Ernst Bloch and the Frankfurt School. He admired Hannah Arendt, her critique of totalitarianism, the destruction of pluralism, and her writing on the “hidden treasure” of the direct democracy of the workers’ councils. Unlike those, who in the wake of François Furet’s Penser la Révolution française (1978) saw in all radical revolutions the germs of totalitarian tyranny, he continued to defend a Marxist influenced “insurgent democracy”.

Miguel Abensour. 1939 – 2017. Radical Left ‘Insurgent Democracy”.<https://tendancecoatesy.wordpress.com/2017/04/28/miguel-abensour-1939-2017-radical-left-insurgent-democracy/>
Miguel Abensour. 1939 – 2017. The radical left-wing political philosopher Miguel Abensour passed away on April the 22nd. From a Jewish family, and a childhood spent hidden from the Vichy regime in …

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