[Marxism] Sierra Club saves parking garage

Jeffrey Masko j.alan.masko at gmail.com
Fri Apr 28 15:20:07 MDT 2017

Local politics make strange bedfellows. Yes, I have no illusions about the
Sierra Club, but it is a political active force in SF that has some power.
Since our local supervisor, London Breed, is a sycophant to development, we
are forced to find allies where we can. Gus Hernandez , who made the
presentation about the garage, is well aware of this and as a Mexican
American who owns neither a car, nor a house can hardly be characterized as
a white property owner as the article asserted. Neither can his work
locally as an advocate for stable rental prices and protections be compared
with what happened in Albany or elsewhere.

In the area in question, the so-called NOPA area, where I have lived for
nearly 15 years, is overrun by rich white silicon valley techies in
neighborhoods long occupied by the African-American community. The
so-called low income housing provided by new lofts and apartments is a
joke. The fact is this area has some of the only concentrations of poor and
working people of color in this part of the city and that is worth keeping.

Surely you understand the continuing gentrification and the continuing
economic divide in SF caused by the influx of the newcomers who are pricing
everyone else out of the market? If the Sierra club gives us tools and
support to help arrest some of the more egregious flaunting of zoning laws,
then so be it. We have no allegiance or support for them other than this
particular matter.

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> A little tid bit about the Sierra Club for which they should never be
> forgiven:
> The Albany Bulb is a little spit of land going out into the San Francisco
> Bay in the city of Albany, just north of Berkeley. Living at the Albany
> Bulb for many years was a homeless community. Some lived there for as long
> as 20 years. It was really a very nice community. The people kept good care
> of it. It wasn't trashy. They were friendly with the many people who used
> to walk along there - many (including my wife and I) who walked their dogs.
> I always said that if I were homeless, that's where I'd like to live -
> beautiful view of the Bay, semi-country, no traffic noise.
> Then, about 5 years ago, the City of Albany decided to kick them all out. I
> think it was part of the general process of trying to encourage the
> gentrification of the whole East Bay. And, to their everlasting disgrace,
> the Sierra Club supported evicting them.
> What a disgusting group of people the Sierra Club is.
> John Reimann
> Oakland, CA
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