[Marxism] The Sierra Club Fights to Save...A Parking Garage?

Richard Sprout sproutr at upstate.edu
Sat Apr 29 12:40:24 MDT 2017

You are absolutely correct, the crap headline,plus the posted comments,& the
referenced letter in the piece were my reason for posting.
  I live in upstate NY, where our housing shortage is dominated not by high-tech
hipsters but a flummoxed county government desperate to lure the one remaining industry( SUNY) @ the expense
of working people that serve that same university.
  The local Sierra Club,consists primarily of
the same type described in the piece many
employed by the university as well,but in a professional/ professorial capacity.
 I would be ecstatic if our SC even considered repurposing the many abandoned buildings for housing.
They are not.Instead the focus is primarily 
on keeping good views - a habit the rich 
have always maintained.
  If you do not believe there is a 'disconnect'
between working people & environmentalists 
over basic issues such as housing that I believe this article alludes to so be it.
 Thanks for posting the additional information which I was not aware of.
 Here in upstate NY,because of transportation systems designed by those with cars,(with the notable exception of Robert Moses..)not having a car generally means a 2-4 hour trip to get
groceries, visit an emergency room,or access a job oftentimes in sub freezing temperatures.

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> On Apr 27, 2017, at 2:18 PM, Jeffrey Masko <j.alan.masko at gmail.com> wrote:
> Crap article by someone who doesn't mind rampant gentrification by techie hipsters with the attendant high priced restaurants or slagging Gus Hernandez (who is of Mexican descent and who is not a homeowner, nor a car owner) as a white racist. Andy Lynch doesn't live in this neighborhood, nor has he done the work that Gus has done for years in keeping business from flouting the zoning regulations, but hey the headline plays well! For Gustavo's position:
> https://medium.com/@gh1/sierra-club-saves-parking-garage-1e7a54f88c85
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