[Marxism] Fwd: Diana Johnstone on the Left, the Bolshevik Revolution, and More – NeoPopulism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 3 12:43:32 MDT 2017

This is *really* interesting, a defense of Diana Johnstone's article in 
MR that characterizes me as "pathologically prolix". I should add that 
to Mark Cooper's description of me years ago as the "prolific buffoon". 
As I said in my latest article, I have had 1,104,852 unique visitors 
since 2004 to the Unrepentant Marxist. This blog is obviously not part 
of the 10 percent of committed Marxists I am addressing.


What's of real interest to me is not the article by this anonymous 
blogger but his blogroll which is really a barometer of Red-Brown 
politics today. Let me go through some of them:

1. Cogito, Ergo, Sum--Seeking truth and beauty from the heavenly city.

A Christian blog with the latest article on "Having Children Study the 
Bible", just the sort of thing that resonates with Johnstone's defense 
of Stalin, I guess.


2. Cultura Transversal

A Spanish-language website now defunct apparently that includes an 
article praising an "anti-globalization" book by Alain de Benoist. Who's 
Alain de Benoist, you ask? He is a founder of the New Right movement in 
France that is considered a major influence on Richard Spencer et al's 
alt-right. Some scholars consider de Benoist a fascist.


3. Dissident Voice

Began as a voice of opposition to the invasion of Iraq and is now a 
typical conspiracist website like Information Clearing House, Global 
Research, Voltairenet et al.


4. El Manifiesto

Another Spanish-language pro-Benoist website that has an article on the 
"immigration invasion" of Europe and a big portrait of Stalin on the 
home page. Perfect.


5. Institute for National Revolutionary Studies

Includes an article with positive references to Otto Strasser, the Nazi 
"leftist" killed by Hitler on the night of the long knives 


6. Katehon

Russian website of a think-tank that has a board of directors led by 
Konstantin Malofeev. He is described in a ThinkProgress article:

Malofeev, 42, made his fortune in private equity and now runs Russia’s 
largest charity —the St. Basil the Great Foundation. He’s also president 
of Katehon, a right-wing think tank, and started his own television 
station, Tsargrad TV, a platform for figures like American conspiracy 
theorist Alex Jones and Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin — a man 
known as “Putin’s Rasputin,” as well as a member of Katehon’s 
supervisory board. Malofeev is a traditionalist, much like Dugin, and a 
devout practitioner of the Orthodox faith. 


7. The National Party – Ireland

Described by Wikipedia as a far-right party that is anti-abortion and 
anti-immigration. A Wikipedia article on its leader Justin Barrett states:

Barrett has spoken at events organised by the neo-nazi National 
Democratic Party of Germany (German: Nationaldemokratische Partei 
Deutschlands, NPD) several times, and was the guest of honour at a NPD 
rally in Passau, Germany in 2000, in which anti-Semitic speeches, 
peppered with quotes from Adolf Hitler were given, alongside claims that 
"Germany was the biggest victim of the second World War". Hundreds of 
skinheads gave standing ovations to elderly Nazis.


8. Thermidor

The about us page speaks frankly: "Thermidor Magazine is an 
international samizdat publication dedicated to giving a voice to the 
New Far Right Internationale."


9. Vdare

A filthy anti-immigration website, the most recent article is by Ann 
Coulter: Contract With Republicans—Point 1 Is BUILD THE WALL!


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