[Marxism] Nissan Workers Carry union leaders advice to logical conclusion

John Reimann 1999wildcat at gmail.com
Sat Aug 5 14:12:08 MDT 2017

For those wondering why Nissan workers voted down the union by nearly 2-1,
or condemning them for it, they might consider this comment from Bob King,
then UAW President, speaking to the Michigan Chamber of Commerce in 2011:

*“We need to join together…. When we join together we can go down a path to
true economic growth and **prosperity…**The 21**st**century UAW seeks and
expects a partnership with the employers based on mutual respect trust &
common goals….. embraces as our own the success of our employers…. I call
on our friends in the business community… to reject this divisive
ideological agenda that targets the unions of (public sector) workers;
instead let us all work together as we did in the auto industry to find
common solutions…. I want to challenge businesses to reexamine their
instinctive negative reaction to the notion of unionization…. I sit on the
AFL…. Jim and I believe in working with management… If we are going to
succeed in America, we got to be honest about how the unions have changed
and is business willing to change with the unions together.”*

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