[Marxism] can the US left unite against the largest fascist rally in recent memory?

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Tue Aug 8 15:03:30 MDT 2017

This guy is scum and the fact that Truth-Out is signal-boosting him is
proof that there is virtually no standard for left organizing. The guy goes
to lefty squathouses and recites all sorts of Islamophobic pro-Israel
propaganda, claiming virtually the entire movement for Palestine is
"anti-Semitic". The mere fact that anarchist and other "leftist" opposition
to fascism in the United States is imbibed with the very racism they claim
to fight should answer the titular question.

It's also worth noting how asinine the alarmism in this article is. It's
true that these people are fascists but they are weak underlings that
continue to remain a mostly marginal tumor on American society. The vast
majority of the oppression that people in America are faced with on a daily
basis does not come from the fringe, it comes from those in power, and
cranks like Spencer Sunshine have consistently enabled them with their
poorly disguised apologetics for Zionism and anti-Arab racism.

- Amith

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