[Marxism] ruling class mouthpiece - "The game is over, and North Korea has won" - Foreign Policy Magazine

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 09:36:17 MDT 2017

The big question is where to go from here. Some of my colleagues still
think the United States might persuade North Korea to abandon, or at least
freeze, its nuclear and missile programs. I am not so sure. I suspect we
might have to settle for trying to reduce tensions so that we live long
enough to figure this problem out. But there is only one way to figure out
who is right: Talk to the North Koreans.

The other options are basically terrible. There is no credible military
option. North Korea has some unknown number of nuclear-armed missiles,
maybe 60, including ones that can reach the United States; do you really
think U.S. strikes could get all of them? That not a single one would
survive to land on Seoul, Tokyo, or New York? Or that U.S. missile defenses
would work *better* than designed, intercepting not most of the missiles
aimed at the United States, but every last one of them? Are you willing to
bet your life on that?


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