[Marxism] Fw: Building a movement

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sun Aug 13 14:18:16 MDT 2017

Forwarding a link with a good response that is critical of those who attack "identity politics".  My only major difference

with the writer is on her stating that "Neo-liberalism has won".  I disagree, in that there are many including myself who

reject neo-liberalism and the issue of capitalism and neo-liberalism as victorious and forever.  I assume she did not mean

to give indirect support to accepting capitalism.

As a Gay man, I have viewed those complaining about "identity politics", as a way to ignore these very real issues

of bigotry and discrimination and wanting to end or limit these independent movements, that are challenging

racism, sexism, heterosexism and ablebodyism.


White Marxism: A Critique of Jacobin Magazine<https://newsocialist.org.uk/white-marxism-critique/>
by Uday Jain This critique comes from a place of solidarity. As this is a critical moment to reassess the history and present of international socialism and imagine a new path forward – many new paths forward – it is absolutely crucial to get the basics of this reassessment right. Jacobin have



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