[Marxism] Simply awful

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 05:57:47 MDT 2017

Well, that driver may have been drunk, but that twelve year old chose to
step off the curb in front of him and damage the man's car. So there's
blame on both sides.

That woman kicked the guy who attempted to rape her, so they were both

Slaves sometimes used violence to escape, so the slave was just as mean as
the master.

And the Indians often bled all over the whites--who actually had a permit
to be where they were. Blaming them just wouldn't be fair to the whites.

The President of the United States orders or threatens to order mass death
in countries all over the world, but some of those people--some of
them--have views very hurtful of the president's self-esteem. Bad people.

Yes, "bad people," indeed.

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