[Marxism] Arch-neoconservative rips Trump a new asshole

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Wed Aug 16 15:59:45 MDT 2017

(Rupert Murdoch's tabloid.)

NY Post
Trump’s horrifying ‘take three’ on Charlottesville
By John Podhoretz August 15, 2017 | 7:28pm | Updated

On Tuesday afternoon, we learned yet again that the president of the 
United States is against neo-Nazis, which is nice. They’re “very rough,” 
he said at an impromptu Trump Tower press conference — by which he 
likely meant some of the people he saw on TV in Charlottesville this 
past Saturday had beards and leather jackets and swastika tattoos and 
were overweight.

The night before, by contrast, Trump said there had been some “very good 
people” rallying with “a permit” by a statue of Robert E. Lee in 
Charlottesville. Maybe he thought so because the photographs we all saw 
showed clean-cut young men in Polo shirts and Dockers.

The rest of us also saw them engaging in Nazi salutes and carrying torches.

Those images seem to have eluded the president.

The president suggested many had been there on Friday night because they 
cared deeply about the fact that a Robert E. Lee statue in a 
Charlottesville park is due to be moved.

Trump did not note that they were not locals with aesthetic concerns but 
rather had been summoned from all over the country under the slogan 
“Unite the Right.”

The ad promoting the “Unite the Right” rally, which ran on far-right 
websites all week, did not even mention the statue. It was designed to 
evoke a fascist poster with birds similar to the Nazi eagle in the sky 
over the marchers and Confederate flags taking the place of swastikas.

It invited people to join speakers like Mike Enoch, who hosts a podcast 
called “The Daily Shoah.” And Augustus Invictus, an alt-right figure who 
once said, “I have prophesied for years that I was born for a Great War; 
that if I did not witness the coming of the Second American Civil War I 
would begin it myself.” And Christopher Cantwell, who calls himself a 
“fascist,” along with Johnny Monoxide, who just labels himself “fashy.” 
And Michael Hill, an ex-professor who said, in 2015, “Never 
underestimate the perfidy of the organized Jew.” And Matt Heimbach, who 
says only 27,000 Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

The march’s own organizer, Jason Kessler, described the view of those 
who wanted to move the statue thus: “You don’t give a damn about white 
people. You people are implementing policies which are displacing us in 
our home countries, and we will not be allowed to survive.”

The president did something absolutely horrifying in that press 
conference. He bristled at the use of the term “alt-right” by a reporter 
and demanded to know from her what she meant by it. He drew a 
distinction between the neo-Nazis — “very rough” — and the members of 
the alt-right who rallied with torches on Friday night, chanting “Jews 
shall not replace us.”

It was this group, these alt-rightniks, that Trump said featured “some 
very good people.” By saying this, he was not only committing an infamy. 
He actually seemed to be doing constituent service for a group that 
supported him.

As David French writes, “When Trump carves [the alt-right] away from the 
Nazis and distinguishes them from the neo-Confederates, he’s doing 
exactly what they want. He’s making them respectable. He’s making them 

That such words could actually emerge from the mouth of the president of 
the United States is one of the most disheartening facts of my lifetime.

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