[Marxism] Looking for a list of Marxist film critics

Jeffrey Masko j.alan.masko at gmail.com
Thu Aug 17 17:34:39 MDT 2017

Thanks for the reply and I don't know all that much about Harry Alan
Potamkin but love the idea of someone who straddles the divide between a
film critic doing film criticism and a film reviewer who gives opinions
without acknowledging academic film theory.

In that vein, I think Robin Wood was quite insightful and so was Peter
Biskind, although I don't know if I'd term either Marxist. Doug Kellner and
Fred Jameson are a couple of the bigger names that I would include as
explicitly Marxist.

The whole of the psycho-analytic Marxism of the members of Screen in the
70's and 80's such as Jean-Luc Comolli, Jean Paul Narboni, Laura Mulvey,
and those who work(ed) with apparatus theory would be on my list. So would
those using suture theory, but that is more academic and not mass market.

More currently, Bill Nichols, Rick Berg, Steven Ross, Jane Gaines come to
mind as well as those associated with the Union for Democratic
Communications such as Steve Macek, Lee Artz, and Dana Cloud. Members of
the Society for Cinema and Media Studies class caucus are mostly Marxist or
at least Marxist sympathetic with Pat Keeton, Terri Ginsberg and all using
Marxist theories to guide their work. None of this are mass market, but
fairly accessible to those who are interested in film theory.

​I don't really know of any film reviewer who is using Marxist film
theories in the way Dave Zirin uses Marxist theories to critique sport.
Although there are those who ​
​may have sympathies or allegiance to Marxism​, actually using Marxist
theories from those above or from Marxist literature is rare, to say the
least. Henry Giroux is probably the closest I can think of right now...

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