[Marxism] ACLU will no longer defend hate groups that protest with firearms

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What is not well known is that the ACLU that has defended the Klan/Nazis before

never demands or solicits money from the fascists for defending their "rights".

Yet the ACLU always requests funds for defending progressives.

The modern day ACLU due to the influence of money, has long ago strayed from

its origins as a legal defense group for the left/labor forces challenging the state

and these fascist groups.

When I approached the ACLU in 1969 to send a legal observer to the early

Gay Liberation Front (GLF) protests in New York City - the ACLU response was:

that this is not a civil liberties issue but a criminal issue - since they then

refused to support homosexuals.  (The Los Angeles ACLU was much better

and actively supported Gay and Lesbian peoples rights).

In 1969, a lawyer would be disbarred if learned they were Gay/Lesbian

and why I and others tried to get the ACLU for help.  The ACLU was not

the only ones who would not assist the GLF right to picket/protest. I was

also turned away by the National Lawyers Guild leader - Corlis Lamont,

a wealthy homophobic Stalinist (whose father was chairman of J. P. Morgan's)

who made it clear they would not help "sexual deviates" (fagots).  The only

legal advisor we had for help was a Lesbian law student who had not yet

passed the bar exam.  She could not attend the picketing for fear of being

discovered a Lesbian.  It was that reality in 1969, that the ACLU showed

their disgraceful refusal to aid the queers. Now they actively solicit funds

from the queers and want to claim they have always been defenders.

The shameful defense efforts of the ACLU in Skokie in providing free legal

support for the Nazis to march through the mainly Jewish neighborhood

of Skokie IL, caused many progressives to drop their financial support of

the ACLU.   The ACLU is squirming to improve their image for fund raising.

Besides their recent defense (again) of the Nazis to assemble in Charlottesville

they also were a week earlier receiving negative feedback for their support

of fascists who were demanding violence against Gays.  Using the "they

will not support Nazis carrying guns", is a way to evade they were supporting

the fascists who often carried out violence (and not just at their public events!)

As many on this List know, the ACLU was formed around WWI and the attacks

on radicals opposed to that war.  However, the CPUSA had to form the Labor

Defense Council in 1922, to defend their leading members arrested in a U. S.

government police raid of their underground convention in Bridgman MI

and while Roger Baldwin was one of those who agreed to be part of the

Provisional National Committee of the LDC, the later ACLU did not follow

Baldwin its co-founder in defending the CPUSA.  The LDC would soon

become the base for the founding of the International Labor Defense (ILD)

in 1925 which was led by James P. Cannon (before the CPUSA expelled him

as a supporter of Leon Trotsky).  The CPUSA was the main force that formed

the National Lawyers Guild in 1937, mainly because the American Bar

Association (ABA) favors the wealthy capitalists interests against the exploited

and oppressed.  The reason for the forming of People of Color, LGBT, labor

legal defense groups, is because of the failures of the ACLU and the ABA

to defend the oppressed and exploited.   The ACLU has made their decisions

on whom to defend based on their funders and potential funders response

and too often their awful Class politics awareness identifying with the state.

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