[Marxism] Looking for a list of Marxist film critics

Daniel Lindvall daniel.lindvall at filmint.nu
Fri Aug 18 14:48:31 MDT 2017

At least Christopher Sharrett, Tony Williams and Carl Freedman, among the ones we regularly publish in ”my” journal, Film International, consider themselves marxists.

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> Thanks for the reply and I don't know all that much about Harry Alan
> Potamkin but love the idea of someone who straddles the divide between a
> film critic doing film criticism and a film reviewer who gives opinions
> without acknowledging academic film theory.
> In that vein, I think Robin Wood was quite insightful and so was Peter
> Biskind, although I don't know if I'd term either Marxist. Doug Kellner and
> Fred Jameson are a couple of the bigger names that I would include as
> explicitly Marxist.
> The whole of the psycho-analytic Marxism of the members of Screen in the
> 70's and 80's such as Jean-Luc Comolli, Jean Paul Narboni, Laura Mulvey,
> and those who work(ed) with apparatus theory would be on my list. So would
> those using suture theory, but that is more academic and not mass market.
> More currently, Bill Nichols, Rick Berg, Steven Ross, Jane Gaines come to
> mind as well as those associated with the Union for Democratic
> Communications such as Steve Macek, Lee Artz, and Dana Cloud. Members of
> the Society for Cinema and Media Studies class caucus are mostly Marxist or
> at least Marxist sympathetic with Pat Keeton, Terri Ginsberg and all using
> Marxist theories to guide their work. None of this are mass market, but
> fairly accessible to those who are interested in film theory.
> ​I don't really know of any film reviewer who is using Marxist film
> theories in the way Dave Zirin uses Marxist theories to critique sport.
> Although there are those who ​
> ​may have sympathies or allegiance to Marxism​, actually using Marxist
> theories from those above or from Marxist literature is rare, to say the
> least. Henry Giroux is probably the closest I can think of right now...
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