[Marxism] Boston and Vancouver, models for the anti-fascist struggle

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Now we're talking about some real wisdom! I'm down here in Providence
walking on eggshells because everyone is extremely antsy for what amounts
to nothing more of less than Nazi Wrestle-Mania. The problem is a lack of
understanding of history. I pointed out how the Left has a repeated habit
of collaboration with the state in dress rehearsals of what later end up
being the means to take them out, case and point being the CPUSA support
for the Smith Act trials of SWP. Even if the black bloc/antifa crowd (and
we need to recognize those two things as tactics rather than organizations)
have a moral point, they don't have a pragmatic one. Their entire modus
operandi actually does have a dependence on the state and is not suggesting
a black hole of nothingness to replace the current state of affairs they
oppose. In fact what they do is argue that the state should and could be
implementing restrictions to hinder devices and actions that are currently
protected by the state. In the final analysis, it comes down to the fact
that the current anarchist scene (with the exception of autonomists who
follow CLR James and his thought) is missing the ideas Marx put forward in
his critique of the Gotha program, particularly the line “Freedom consists
in converting the state from an organ superimposed upon society into one
completely subordinate to it." Peter Huddis has said that the whole
Marx-Bakunin thing is a huge mess that sows unnecessary discord.

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