[Marxism] "People's" Party or Workers Party?

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Mon Aug 21 18:39:05 MDT 2017

Seattle city council member Kshama Sawant, left academic Dr. Cornel West
and Nick Brana, founder of “Draft Bernie” will be hosting a “town hall”
meeting in Washington DC on Sept. 9 to inaugurate  a new political party,
the “People’s Party”. Their plans seem to be getting some press coverage

Nick Brana, Cornell West and Kshama Sawant.
The shadow of Bernie Sanders hovers over their “People’s Party”.

Key to understanding the US political situation is the relatively low level
of class consciousness in the US. It is this relatively low level that
allowed millions of disgruntled US workers to vote for the reactionary
racist bigot, Donald Trump. This confusion, this low level of class
consciousness, is defined by the absence of a mass working class party.

*All Political Parties Have Class Basis*All parties are based on one class
or another. The Democratic and Republican Parties are based on the class
that lives off of its ownership of capital – the capitalist class –
although they play somewhat different roles. The Republicans are used to
more aggressively drive forward the attacks on the working class, people of
color, etc. While the Democrats also carry out such attacks (to a lesser
degree), their main role is to blunt any serious working class opposition
to these attacks. They do that by enticing the opposition into their party,
where it dies a slow death. In carrying out this role, the “progressive
(liberal) wing” of the Democrats performs yeoman service. The party as a
whole could not play that role without the “progressive” wing.

The alternative to these two parties is a party of, by and for the working
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"No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."
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