[Marxism] Fwd: How One White Nationalist Became — and Remains — a Thorn in Texas A&M’s Side - The Chronicle of Higher Education

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Aug 22 06:43:21 MDT 2017

What Mr. Wiginton lacks in style and originality, however, he makes up 
for in persistence. He has been stirring up controversy at Texas A&M for 
more than a decade, forcing university officials to repeatedly disavow 
his views and to deal with the public fallout from his events.

He’s been a near-constant thorn in Texas A&M’s side, despite attracting 
zero support from student groups and having no real connection to the 
university. He is not, contrary to other news reports, an alum. He 
enrolled as an undergraduate when he was in his 40s, took classes for a 
year, and then dropped out so he could fly to Russia to look for a wife 
and perhaps buy a cattle farm.

He didn’t get a wife or a farm, but he’s been back to Russia more than a 
dozen times since then, and he admires that country’s aggressive strain 
of white nationalism. You can watch a YouTube video of Mr. Wiginton in a 
black cowboy hat, telling a crowd of Russian neo-Nazis that he respects 
them for their "strong identity." You can also see some in the crowd 
greet his support with Nazi salutes.


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