[Marxism] Are we in trouble?

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 22 21:20:38 MDT 2017

Over breakfast I heard Trump drone on from the tele printer about his
determination to kill, kill, kill.. Is this the new Trump with speech
carefully writenn by the Pentagon?

Some commentators told us to put our faith in McMaster and Kelly. And this
is the best the generals could come up with - Kill, kill, kill?
Why am I not surprised?

On a more optimistic front the fall out from Charlottesville has led to
calls from Indigenous Australians for a review of some of our monuments.
These include Robert Towns' statue in Townsville.  He was part of the
notorious slave trade in the late 19th Century when Pacific Islanders were
lured & kidnapped to slave in Queensland's sugar cane fields.

Then there is the statue of Captain Cook in Sydney which explicitly names
him as the "discoverer" of Australia.That claim has been offensive to
Indigenous Australians for a very long time.



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