[Marxism] Blacks for Trump?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 23 07:50:11 MDT 2017

I watched Trump's rally in Phoenix, Arizona for a few minutes last night 
and like most people was struck by a young Black man with a rather 
demented smile waving a "Blacks for Trump" sign. It turns out he has a 
website. Here is what you will find there:

Republican Senators blocking Trump are Cherokees & Mormons & are 
infiltraters in the Rep. Senate like McCain to block Trump & Muller are 
coming down with Great Wrath because their wicked time to block good 
policy is short, Rev.12:10 & Dan.8:25!

Proof that tho ur mixed with these Racist Cherokees ur not them because 
ur Taxed & Regulated etc. & they're not, they hate black & white people 
perpetually Eze.35:5 & Gen.36:1-5!


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