[Marxism] The hard sell

Gary MacLennan gary.maclennan1 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 23 22:18:55 MDT 2017

The radical Australian economist has an interesting blog <
http://bilbo.economicoutlook.net/blog/> on the role of the CIA in France
1985. The CIA document is at <
The document reveals how the CIA sought to both monitor and influence. the
CIA particularly rejoiced in the decline in influence of Sartre and the
older Marxist intellectuals and were heartened by the advent of the new

Mitchell gives the following quote of how changes in the intellectual

 ‘… have permitted the younger generation of French intellectuals to adopt
a more open attitude towards the United States. This in turn has given rise
to a new wave of genuinely pro-American sentiment, rooted in the vogue of
American popular culture, in respect for the American economic vitality of
the 1980s, and in admiration for the new image of self-confidence that the
United States now projects in the world. ‘

Reading this I wonder to what extent the image of the Trump Presidency
constitutes a problem for the CIA.  We know that Trump cannot visit the UK.
True, he had a successful tour of France, but in the aftermath,
perhaps  because
of his ass-licking,  Macron’s popularity plunged. Chris Uhlmann of the
Australian Broadcasting Corporation produced a critique of Trump that went


This was essentially an lament by a right winger for the Good Old Days when
the USA was the "Leader of the Free World" and was fully engaged in the
Cold War . Trump's Kill Bill speech was I think meant to recapture the
spirit of the Good Old Days and to reassure the likes of Uhlmann.

Real problems are not so easily solved though. The economic vitality
referred to in the CIA report has long gone.  American popular culture has
collapsed into reality television (!). Nor has the spectacle of degenerates
marching by  torch light and chanting “Jews will not replace us” done much
for anyone’s self-confidence.

I don't envy the CIA's task of selling Trump to the world.



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