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The Lost Cause view of the origins of the Civil War entered the 
mainstream of historical writing in the first half of the twentieth 
century. In 1930 Frank Owsley, one of the foremost Southern historians 
of his generation, wrote that the Confederacy fought not only for the 
principles of states’ rights and self-government but also for the 
preservation of a stable, pastoral, agrarian civilization against the 
overbearing, acquisitive, aggressive ambitions of the urban-industrial 
Leviathan growing up in the North. The real issue that provoked 
secession was not slavery—this institution, wrote Owsley, “was part of 
the agrarian system, but only one element and not an essential one”—but 
rather such matters as the tariff, banks, subsidies to railroads, and 
similar matters in which the grasping industrialists of the North sought 
to advance their interests at the expense of Southern farmers and planters.

full: http://www.nybooks.com/articles/2001/04/12/southern-comfort/

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