[Marxism] Fwd: Kamran Nayeri's Writings: The Rise and Fall of the 1979 Iranian Revolution: Its Lessons for Today

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 24 12:14:30 MDT 2017

Editorial Note: The following paper was prepared for and presented at 
the III Conferencia Internacional La Obra de Carlos Marx y Los desafíos 
del Siglo XXI (The Third Conference on the Work of Karl Marx and the 
Challenges of the 21st Century) in Havana, Cuba, in May 2006.  The 
conference was organized by the Instituto de Filosofia de Cuba.  Alireza 
Nasab presented the paper to an afternoon session on the first day of 
the conference.  Alireza Ismaeli Nassab was an Iranian Trotskyist who 
lived in exile in London and died there meningitis on April 22, 2011. 
He was 57 years old. Nassab (better known by his movement name as Behzad 
Kazemi) was a leading socialist activist well-respected among the 
Iranian socialists and labor activists in Europe.  I have edited the 
paper, which I drafted in a rush for the conference, and Nassab reviewed 
offering a few minor changes.  Almost all changes from the original 
draft are typographical, grammatical, or stylish. I have added 
informational hyperlinks to the Iranian political personalities, 
parties, organizations, and places.  Some of these sources may contain 
errors of omission or commision. The original draft is still available 
at the Institute of Philosophy's website.  KN.


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