[Marxism] Trump, the military and the working class

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Fri Aug 25 13:10:10 MDT 2017

"What we are seeing is a tendency towards Bonepartism of two different
types, which represents a growing crisis in the capitalist class. On the
other side, we are seeing a continued weakness in the US working class, its
absence as a cohesive, independent force in society....

"What happened was this: It’s always been the socialist movement of
different stripes that has kept alive the best traditions of class struggle
within the working class. Along with the traditions of struggle has gone a
lively debate about history, theory and ideas in general. But socialism was
given a bad name due to the role of the bureaucracy in the Soviet Union,
starting mainly in the late 1940s, after the end of WW II. The different
socialist tendencies were increasingly isolated or actually driven out of
the working class, especially out of the unions. There was a general mood
for this, and it was augmented by the anti-Communist McCarthy purges of the

"Debate around ideas has always been an essential ingredient of the workers
movement and the socialist movement. But ideas and views do not exist in
the ether; they are carried in the minds of people. In this case that
means, the minds of the socialist forces within the working class – exactly
those forces which have been so marginalized not only by the capitalist
class but also by the very leadership of the working class. This extreme
weakness of genuine socialist tendencies within the working class – aside
from a few tiny groups who largely orient towards the leadership rather
than towards the rank and file – has helped create this generally low level
of struggle among the rank and file workers.

"This has given a greater freedom for the union leadership to capitulate to
management, to represent both the employers and one of their two parties –
the Democratic Party – within the unions. It has given them the freedom to
produce one concessionary contract after another. It has also allowed them
to be largely missing in action, to refuse to mobilize their members, in
the general protest movements of recent years, such as the Black Lives
Matter movement."


"No one is going to give you the education you need to overthrow them."
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