[Marxism] U.S. Bill of Rights First Amedment

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Paul Mueller wrote today on this Marxist List - that the U. S. Bill of Rights First Amendment:

"protects socialists".  An astonishing statement for someone interested in Marxism and historical materialism!

>From my knowledge of U. S. history - socialists and others opposed to exploitation and injustice

have generally not been protected by the First Amendment - and have been victimized by both the state oppressive

forces and right wing vigilantes in collusion with the government, to serve the wealthy rulers.

Clearly Mr. Mueller either wrongly chose that concept when in his rush to complain about the Marxist group Solidarity

removing him from their email list, (solely?) because of his disagreements with them around the recent public college speaking

events of several right wing hate speakers.

The power and rights of working people, are not reliant on the capitalists courts and their police.

The Charlotte VA city government and their police, did not disarm the fascists (not even their metal poles and other objects)

as they arrived in the assembly area.  Does anyone on this List believe that if a group of Black men showed up with guns and

the same weapons, that the same police would not disarm and likely attack them, while protecting the fascists?

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Too bad I didn't know about Malik Miah's article a few months ago. I was kicked off the Solidarity email list when I objected to support given by members of the Political Committee to the black bloc when they stopped Milo from speaking here in Berkeley.  It looks to me like the present leadership of Solidarity never read Malik's article or the similar article  by Hal Draper.  I was informed that a trans person in Berkeley was threatened by Milo and therefor it was right for Solidarity to do anything to stop Milo from speaking.  It doesn't look to me like the leaders of Solidarity have any idea how the 1st Amendment protects socialists.  Too many of them are school teachers who have become used to having the power to stop "hate speech".  They think they should have that power outside their oppressive classrooms.

Paul Mueller
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