[Marxism] Google and WSWS

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Fri Aug 25 20:57:37 MDT 2017

While Google did what they did...the wsws position seems totally
self-serving. There is simply zero evidence this new algorithm Google is
using did anything but prioritize "authoritative" sources over political
ones. The MIA, which I'm involved with, was also effected *some*...we were
pushed down several spaces when entering in "Trotsky" or "Lenin". So what?

Wsws is arguing it was aimed *at them* in particular. What BS!!! The
example they use was also "Leon Trotsky" and their web site didn't show up
until page 2 or 3 of the google search. Why would it *ever* show up since
there are web sites that present Trotsky far more often...such as the
MIA...than wsws. They *assume* falsely I believe, that this whole thing was
targeted at them. It wasn't at least I haven't seen any merit in what they
are arguing.

On the other hand the Google search pattern now is geared toward
"institutional" results. That's highly unfortunate and places or pushes
political groups down the list, though not eliminated, in the casual users

what wsws doesn't get, is that if someone would normally associate wsws
with "Leon Trotsky", then the search string to enter is "Leon Trotsky
wsws.org". This is true for any site you know carries date you are
interested in on any topic. When it is done this way the first results
returned are for the web site in question.


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