[Marxism] Fwd: How Should We Protest Neo-Nazis? Lessons From German History

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Sat Aug 26 00:28:05 MDT 2017

I must take issue with this "How Should We Protest Neo-Nazis" article for two reasons

(I prefer to defeat them not just protest them)

First the moderator describes the Southern Poverty Law Center as "a civil rights advocacy organization".

For those with memories, this group was revealed as spying on left groups and providing names etc. to

the Anti-Defamation League (their main sponsor) who then turned that information over to both the

governments of Israel and the United States.  The head of the SPLC Morris Dees is no leftist and made

millions of dollars as the SPLC paid staff!   Their board has militarists and corporatists and wealthy lawyers.

The SPLC is an anti-left Zionist organization that serves the state of Israel and spies on the left.

Second, how the Nazis actually came to power and to insinuate it was because of people in Germany were

physically fighting the Nazis that had aided them - is nonsense and re-writing history.  The fascists first

came to power in Hungary and then Italy and Hitler came later. Hitler came to power because of the

Krupps, U. S. Senator Prescott Bush and other capitalists funding them, who feared Germany would

have a socialist revolution.

The liberals and conscious agents of the bourgeoisie such as the SPLC, avoid the class issues and

why and how the fascists came to power in many nations in Europe in the 20th Century following

the horrendous effects of WWI.  The failure of the German Communist Party with its own large

organized militias to not even physically fight the Nazis and melt away when Hitler enacts his

dictatorial rule, is also a reason for the Nazis rule, as well as their categorizing the social democrats

(SPD) as "social fascists" and failing to unite to fight the Nazis.  Leon Trotsky work: The Struggle

Against Fascism in Germany (second edition, page  192) has him correctly write: By ignoring the

specific nature of fascism, the will to fight against it becomes inevitably paralyzed.

Fascists do not abide by "majority rule" or have respect for the views of others. They seek power and

to crush all they oppose - and fear.

To ignore fascists rallies and protests is a mistake.  They need to be challenged and isolated - and

the recent mobilization in Boston was a great example of how to successfully do that, in mobilizing

broad sections of the working class and disempowering and isolating the fascists.

The United States has had many fascists groups in its history - the Klan, Silver Shirts, Gerald Smith,

Father Coughlin etc.  As a Gay activist I had  to deal with many fascist groups - and this includes many

sections of the right wing evangelists.

The fascists want to terrorize, cause fear and make opponents immobilized and isolated, to oppose them.

They operate like the board game 'GO' created in Japan, that is all about pushing forward to grab

space and isolate one's opponent to surrender and conquer.  Fascists are not intent on being a

polite debating society.  Their intent is to destroy all opposition - including murdering us.

Relying on the Southern Poverty Law Center is a serious mistake.  The left needs to have their

own organizations to oppose fascists and not trust those who favor capitalist rule.  Putting ones

trust and hopes in the capitalist state or groups like the SPLC, that view the left as the enemy,

is an error - and reflects more on how the fascists came to power in Europe in the 20th Century.


In the court of public opinion, accusations of mayhem and chaos in the
streets will, as a rule, tend to stick against the left, not the right.

This was true in Germany in the 1920s. It was true even when opponents
of fascism acted in self-defense or tried to use relatively mild
tactics, such as heckling. It is true in the United States today, where
even peaceful rallies against racist violence are branded riots in the

Today, right extremists are going around the country staging rallies
just like the one in 1927 in Wedding. According to the civil rights
advocacy organization the Southern Poverty Law Center, they pick places
where they know antifascists are present, like university campuses. They
come spoiling for physical confrontation. Then they and their allies
spin it to their advantage.

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