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"Currently she is a professor in practice at the LSE’s Institute of Global
Affairs specialising in 21st century propaganda and disinformation, a
subject she knows from both sides, having been involved in the mid-1990s in
the Spectator’s exposé of Guardian journalist Richard Gott for KGB
connections and, in 2014, and having been herself targeted by what she
describes as a Russian social media “smear” campaign."

Anyone know what this was about? it's the first I've heard of it.

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> Applebaum has, of course, more material at her disposal than Conquest had,
> including large numbers of Ukrainian famine memoirs. Many of these are
> published by the Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance, which has an
> obvious political agenda, but she is by no means offering an uncritical
> “Ukrainian” account of the famine. Though sympathetic to the sentiments
> behind it, she ultimately doesn’t buy the Ukrainian argument that Holodomor
> was an act of genocide. Her estimate of famine losses in Ukraine – 4.5
> million people – reflects current scholarship. Her take on Stalin’s
> intentions comes closer than I would to seeing him as specifically out to
> kill Ukrainians, but this is a legitimate difference of interpretation. For
> scholars, the most interesting part of the book will be the two excellent
> historiographical chapters in which she teases out the political and
> scholarly impulses tending to minimise the famine in Soviet times (“The
> Cover-Up”) and does the same for post-Soviet Ukrainian exploitation of the
> issue (“The Holodomor in History and Memory”).
> full: https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/aug/25/red-famine-sta
> lins-war-on-ukraine-anne-applebaum-review

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