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On 8/27/17 6:53 PM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
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> Why "development" made Houston flooding inevitable, just as the 
> disappearance of marshland near New Orleans made Katrina's impact so 
> much worse.
> https://www.texastribune.org/boomtown-floodtown/

A comment on this from FB friend Avram Barlowe:

Many years ago I came to Houston two meet with a group of progressive, 
alternative public school educators. I arrived at an airport that was 
completely across town from the motel at which I had made a reservation. 
It was pouring rain and since my trip was being paid for, I took a cab 
from the airport all the way to the motel. As the cab slogged its way 
through traffic and some flooding, the cab driver and I started talking. 
He was from a sub-Saharan African nation, I can't remember which one. He 
explained that Houston's climate was in some respects subtropical and 
that the failure of local government to acknowledge this in the building 
of infrastructure played a significant role in the transportation 
problems the city experienced during rain storms. Put simply, the 
notoriously reactionary Congressman, Tom DeLay, who represented some of 
Houston's richest suburbs, had pushed a massive amount of pork 
legislation through Congress devoted to the creation of multiple 
highways and freeways, neglecting green land preservation in the 
process. As a result, there was essentially not enough soil on the 
ground to absorb massive rainfall when it came. Now it seems that 
Houston is really reaping the whirlwind of that decision. Alas, we live 
in a system where the expertise of workers and especially that of Black, 
immigrant workers like my cab driver, does not matter.

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