[Marxism] Fwd: Houston Has Got a Problem | Geov.org

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Aug 27 17:40:08 MDT 2017

The catastrophic flooding in Houston is going to get a lot worse in the 
coming days – especially in its poorest neighborhoods

I posted on social media Friday night – and reiterated on KEXP Saturday 
morning – that Harvey directly hitting Houston would be a worst-case 
scenario as natural disasters go, because the city is so badly situated 
(and unplanned) to deal with catastrophic flooding – built on swampland, 
nowhere for floodwaters to rapidly drain, and no way to move around (let 
alone evacuate) the millions who live there.

The worst case is happening in real time now. The flooding is already 
horrific, and as Harvey inches along, the forecast is for four or five 
more days of rain – at least two or three feet of more rain to come 
(beyond the 20 inches forecast for today alone), to go along with the 
torrential rain it’s gotten already.

full: http://geov.org/gp/?p=874

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