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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 28 05:56:33 MDT 2017

(Chris Hedges vamps down on the adventurists but not with complete 
clarity, I'm afraid. He cites Sophia Burns, a former editor of the North 
Star website who was brought aboard by Curtis Hanson, another former 
editor, who is a die-hard punch a Nazi in the face guy. Thankfully, the 
current editorial board is made up of mass action oriented comrades.)

The focus on street violence diverts activists from the far less 
glamorous building of relationships and alternative institutions and 
community organizing that alone will make effective resistance possible. 
We will defeat the corporate state only when we take back and empower 
our communities, as is happening with Cooperation Jackson, a grass-roots 
cooperative movement in Jackson, Miss. As long as acts of resistance are 
forms of personal catharsis, the corporate state is secure. Indeed, the 
corporate state welcomes this violence because violence is a language it 
can speak with a proficiency and ruthlessness that none of these groups 
can match.

“Politics isn’t made of individuals,” Sophia Burns writes in “Catharsis 
Is Counter-Revolutionary.” “It’s made of classes. Political change 
doesn’t come from feeling individually validated. It comes from 
collective action and organization within the working class. That means 
creating new institutions that meet our needs and defend against 


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