[Marxism] Exaggerating the threat posed by fascist groups

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Aug 28 18:49:18 MDT 2017

One last thing: I am not downplaying the threat of right-wing politics 
and racism in America. Donald Trump is the president, after all. But I 
tend to think that the biggest threats from the right come from the 
Republican Party, not the Klan and the Dominionists and the neo-Nazis 
and whatever Richard Spencer’s thing is called. (Even Spencer’s hometown 
hates him.) And when we fixate on the outright fascists, the people who 
have “organized street forces,” we are missing the more significant 
threat, which comes from the halls of state capitol buildings. You can 
(and should) care about both threats, of course, but it’s important to 
keep them in proportion, to weight each in accordance with its power and 
consequences. And it’s not that Berlet and Wilson are necessarily wrong 
that the white supremacists are rising, it’s that they are not 
trustworthy guides, because they don’t respond to the tough questions or 
show an instinct for self-criticism. And that’s why I think it’s 
perfectly fair for us to say that the state of the far right is 
unknowable. It’s unknowable because those who study it don’t seem 
committed to evaluating it cautiously.


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