[Marxism] Question: Class nature of the Antifa?

Manuel Barrera mtomas3 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 29 08:56:04 MDT 2017

Hi, Louis and all
I have been following the escalating developments of the antifa and noted how some otherwise promising activists may be lured into this ultraleft trap.
I was wondering if anyone here has knowledge or writings regarding the class nature of the current antifa? I am most interested in who these people are in the U.S. but would be interested in any analyses that have been conducted around the world? I am not really that interested in the "basics" of works on ultraleftism or even historical accounts from previous eras as important and useful as those are (know a bit about those already). I am more interested in knowing if anyone has examined the material bases for the current "crop" of people involved. This force seems to be attracting young activists and others emerging into activism. It seems useful to understand what is taking place here.
I'll appreciate your thinking on this issue.
Manuel Barrera

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