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Wed Aug 30 18:58:32 MDT 2017

Another busy week at the blog.

Check out:

The real scandal around Winston Peters' superann is that some people want
to undermine the universal nature of pensions and have the pension
means-tested: https://rdln.wordpress.com/2017/08/30/

Immigration is a key political issue because it shows whether people stand
for pulling up the drawbridge on a cosy little privileged NZ or show
solidarity with the workers of the world and the right to free movement:

And, for background reading, see, The Case for Open Borders: https://rdln.

Ultra-rightist groups in the USA have been emboldened by the trump
presidency.  Among those taing them on have been San Francisco wharfies:

A legacy of defeats and the impact of living in a member of the imperialist
club have had a debilitating effect on workers' consciousness and
preparedness to struggle in New Zealand:  https://rdln.wordpress.com/

Global action against extra-judicial killings in the Philippines:

A group of artists are continuing the conversation Metiria Turei MP started
– demanding a more compassionate social welfare system. They asked artists
who have been on a benefit in NZ (DPB, sickness, invalids, jobseeker,
whatever) to draw a picture of themselves, and write a couple of sentences
next to it about their experiences.  See: https://rdln.wordpress.
(Scroll down from there to see the others)

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