[Marxism] Fwd: Felix Sater: the enigmatic businessman at the heart of the Trump-Russia inquiry | US news | The Guardian

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 31 06:40:44 MDT 2017


I took a look at Sater in terms of his brokering a "peace treaty" for 

Sater, a Russian Jew who came to the USA as a political refugee, was 
involved with Trump in real estate deals for the better part of a 
decade. His ties to Trump were first reported by the NY Times in a 
December 17, 2007 article.

Before Sater got involved with real estate, he was a stockbroker. In 
1991, he was celebrating at El Rio Grande, a midtown NYC restaurant, 
with a friend who had passed the stockbroker’s exam that day. He was 
also feeling good about the $3,000 commissions he made at work earlier. 
A bit lubricated from one too many cocktails, Sater got into a beef with 
a commodities broker at the bar that quickly escalated. According to NY 
Times, “he grabbed a large margarita glass, smashed it on the bar and 
plunged the stem into the right side of the broker’s face. The man 
suffered nerve damage and required 110 stitches to close the laceration 
on his face.”

Sater went to prison for this assault and was banned from selling stock. 
That did not get in the way of him forming a stock brokerage with two 
partners not long after his release. It was basically a “pump and dump” 
firm that sold securities at inflated prices based on false information. 
In the mid-90s, there were so many of these criminal enterprises that 
you needed hired muscle from the Mafia to protect your turf as if you 
were a crack dealer. In 1995, Edward Garafola, a soldier in the Gambino 
crime family, tried to extort money from Sater, who hired Ernest 
Montevecchi, a soldier in the Genovese crime family, to lean on Garafola 
to back off.


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