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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 31 14:15:59 MDT 2017

In the Weimar Republic, anti-Semitism served the interests of big 
capital by singling out the Jews for scapegoating. With an enraged and 
economically desperate middle-class, it made sense to blame the Jews for 
their suffering. All this is detailed in Abram Leon’s “The Jewish 
Question” that can be read online.

	The economic catastrophe of 1929 threw the petty-bourgeois masses into 
a hopeless situation. The overcrowding in small business, artisanry and 
the intellectual professions took on unheard of proportions. The petty 
bourgeois regarded his Jewish competitor with growing hostility; for the 
latter’s professional cleverness, the result of centuries of practice, 
often enabled him to survive hard times more easily. Anti-Semitism even 
gained the ear of wide layers of worker-artisans, who traditionally had 
been under petty-bourgeois influence.

What is more difficult to understand is how anti-Semitism can serve the 
same function in contemporary America. To start with, except for the 
Hasidic sects in Brooklyn, there are no identifiable Jewish 
neighborhoods in large cities like New York. An assimilated population, 
the Jews are spread throughout the city and cannot be identified by 
skullcaps or any other marker. Additionally, the scapegoat of choice for 
today’s fascists is the African-American, the Latino, the immigrant and 
the Muslim. Considering all this, it is somewhat of a mystery why men on 
the “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville were chanting “The Jews 
will not Replace Us!” What exactly did that mean? That a tax accountant 
in Park Slope who grandfather changed his name from Bernstein to Burns 
was now going to take their jobs at Walmart or an auto repair shop?


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