[Marxism] Fwd: 70th Anniversary Commemoration of the Hollywood Blacklist

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 31 18:36:50 MDT 2017

Dear James Agee Cinema Circle Associates,

Greetings. On October 27, 1947, the first member of the Hollywood Ten 
testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee, launching 
the Hollywood Blacklist and then McCarthyism, a period of persecution, 
censorship and repression when screenwriters, actors, directors and 
others were imprisoned, fined, banned from working and in some cases, 
even driven to early deaths.

Now, exactly 70 years to the day of that fateful HUAC hearing, on 
October 27, 2017, as freedom of speech comes under government attack 
again, Blacklist survivors, relatives of blacklisted talents and 
contemporary progressive artists including Susan Sarandon, Viggo 
Mortensen, Jamie Cromwell, Ed Asner, Mike Farrell, Illeana Douglas and 
others are gathering on a schedule permitting basis for the 70^th 
Anniversary Commemoration of the Hollywood Blacklist.

To find out details and how you can fight to defend free speechso 
America never has Blacklists again,please see:


In cinematic solidarity,

Norma Barzman, 96-year-old Blacklist survivor, writer, Commemoration 

Ed Rampell, Film historian, Commemoration Co-organizer

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