[Marxism] Fwd: The Ossington Circle Episode 16: The Destruction of Syria and Solidarity with Max Ajl | podur.org

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Dec 2 06:32:39 MST 2017

On 12/2/17 3:38 AM, Reuven Kaminer wrote:
> I do believe in your sincerity but you might include in your  present 
> considerations that from here it is quite clear that Israel is provoking 
> a war with Syria.

All of us, Reuven, oppose foreign intervention in Syria--starting with 
me. The USA has to stop bombing Iraq and Syria, as does Russia. Same 
applies to Israel. The Syrians have to determine their own destiny, not 
combatants from Lebanon, Iran, Afghanistan and Iraq. Or from ISIS's 
foreign fighters. In fact, if Assad had to rely exclusively on Syrians 
to do his fighting--including jet pilots--, he would have been toppled 
in 2012.

In any case, I will be dealing with these two Assadists today in a blog 
post. I just heard from Bashir Abu-Manneh, the author of "The 
Palestinian Novel", who Ajl accused of backing American intervention. He 
confirmed what I suspected, that Ajl is a lying sack of shit. He sent an 
attachment from his book that indicated no such thing.

Why does the Baathist support network feel the need to lie so brazenly? 
I suppose the answer is that when it comes to making the case for a 
mafia state, you have to cut corners.

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