[Marxism] Eric Blanc: The Ballot and the Break (the case of the Mn. Farmer-Labor Party).

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Tue Dec 5 07:09:21 MST 2017

I'm not so certain that the "French turn" - entering the social democratic
parties in the 1930s when they got an influx of young people new to radical
politics and turned off by the ultraleftism of the Comintern' s "third
period" - was a "sectarian mistake." Trotskyists in Spain refused to enter
the Spanish social-democracy, so the Stalinists did and became a major
force on the Left. The SWP entered the SP in 1936 - at the invitation of
that party's leadership - and recruited its youth wing. The Trotskyists
didn't split from the SP - they were expelled, a bureaucratic
organizational maneuver to prevent them from politically winning over more
of their ranks.

John asks - "How did the workers in France, the United States or elsewhere
benefit with these weakened social democrat groups facing the fascists?"
Let him answer - how did the workers of Germany in the late 1920s/early
1930s "benefit" from a strong Social-Democratic Party (SPD)? How did the
working class of Europe "benefit" from their strong and
unchallenged-from-the-left social-democrats between the years 1914 and
1918??? Social Democracy after WW1 was not some new organization that
sprang onto the scene without a thought-out program. It was a hardened
counter-revolutionary force. If Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and all
those German leftists murdered by rightists *supported by the SPD* in 1919
were here, they'd testify to that!

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> I recently joined DSA.  We do not need a "French Turn"  That was a
> sectarian destructive tactic that resulted in
> only harming any needed effort for a large united left. This is an example
> of bad education promoted in the US SWP to justify their wrong approach
> that we often see being done by other more recent groups such as the
> U. S. Sparticist League.

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