[Marxism] Demonstrators of Syrian Liberated areas rejecting Trump's decision and solidarity with Jerusalem

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On Fri, Dec 8, 2017 at 12:57 PM, mkaradjis . <mkaradjis at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Note that one of the areas listed below where demonstrations have
> condemned Trump's move is East Ghouta, scene of Assad's massive
> chemical slaughter in 2013 and currently under the most genocidal
> starvation siege and bombing, possibly of the entire war. Despite
> this, they still have the energy to show solidarity with Palestine. To
> think so many "pro-Palestine" posers among the white left dare to
> slander these people as "CIA-Zionist agents" - MK
> Demonstrators of Syrian Liberated areas rejecting Trump's decision and
> solidarity with Jerusalem (Photos - Video)
> (Photos and video at url: http://www.aldorars.com/en/news/3043)
> 7 Dec, 2017 17:21 Syria
> المصدر:
> AlDorar AlShamia:
> Mass demonstrations broke out in several liberated areas of north and
> south Syria on Thursday, rejecting the decision of US President
> "Donald Trump" on the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of
> Israel and the transfer of the US Embassy to the Arabic city.
> AlDorar's correspondent reported that the demonstrations took place in
> the town of 'Azzaz and Mare' in the northern countryside of Aleppo, in
> addition to organizing a solidarity stand with Jerusalem in the town
> of Ma'rat al-Nu'man in the governorate of Idlib.
> The correspondent added that hundreds of children with the teaching
> staff at the Hamuriya school in the besieged eastern Ghouta carried
> out a protest against the Trump decision and solidarity with the
> Palestinians.
> "The Syrian activists and the Palestinian Authority of Syria called
> for demonstrations and attended by the people of the area in addition
> to the Palestinian refugees," one of the organizers of the
> demonstration in the city of Azzaz told AlDorar's correspondent.
> It is noteworthy that hundreds of demonstrations rejecting Trump's
> decision came out in many Arab and Islamic countries while the Assad
> regime-held areas have seen nothing to protest such great incident.

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