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“Whoever Expects A ‘Pure’ Social Revolution Will Never Live To See It”

July 1916 by V. I. Lenin. [Excerpts]

Published in October 1916 in Sbornik Sotsial-Demokrata No. 1. Signed: N. Lenin. Published according to the Sbornik text.


To imagine that social revolution is conceivable without revolts by small nations in the colonies and in Europe, without revolutionary outbursts by a section of the petty bourgeoisie with all its prejudices, without a movement of the politically non-conscious proletarian and semi-proletarian masses against oppression by the landowners, the church, and the monarchy, against national oppression, etc.-- to imagine all this is to repudiate social revolution.

So one army lines up in one place and says, “We are   for socialism”, and another, somewhere else and says, “We are for imperialism”, and that will be the social revolution?

Whoever expects a “pure” social revolution will never live to see it.

Such a person pays lip-service to revolution without understanding what revolution is.

The Russian Revolution of 1905 was a bourgeois-democratic revolution.

It consisted of a series of battles in which all the discontented classes, groups and elements of the population participated.

Among these there were masses imbued with the crudest prejudices, with the vaguest and most fantastic aims of struggle; there were small groups which accepted Japanese money, there were speculators and adventurers, etc.

But objectively, the mass movement was breaking the back of tsarism and paving the way for democracy; for this reason the class-conscious workers led it.

The socialist revolution in Europe cannot be anything other than an outburst of mass struggle on the part of all and sundry oppressed and discontented elements.

Inevitably, sections of the petty bourgeoisie and of the backward workers will participate in it—without such participation, mass struggle is impossible, without it no revolution is possible—and just as inevitably will they bring into the movement their prejudices, their reactionary fantasies, their weaknesses and errors.

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>Mark Lause said:
>The women's marches at the time of the inauguration were--and wound up--in
>the hands of the Democrats, which is why it both spread quickly and
>imploded leaving very little in the streets.
>The sex scandals are a complex development.  The idea that the institutions
>and peoples who perpetrated this sort of thing for generations are now
>suddenly going to be the arbiters of justice and the promulgators of social
>change invites serious discussion.
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>Ken Hiebert replies:
>What Mark Lause says about the massive response to Trump could be said about any large movement.  I heard a similar comment about the anti-war movement decades ago.  Many different political currents will take part, each promoting their own agenda.
>And this includes capitalist parties.
>The question is, what do we do about it?  Stepping aside from such a movement will not diminish the influence of capitalist currents, but it will certainly diminish our voice.
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