[Marxism] Dissent hosts debate on nuclear energy and Germany's "Energiewende"

DW dwaltersmia at gmail.com
Sun Dec 10 17:35:34 MST 2017

Dissent magazine back in 2013 had a wonderful discussion/debate over
Germany's dismantling of their nuclear industry in response to Fukushima.


Showing Germany's plunge into renewables has been a failure:

Green Energy Bust in Germany
By Will Boisvert:
>From Dissent  Summer 2013

Here is Osha Gray Davidson's reply to Will Boisvert's above-printed
article defending "Energiewende" (renewables):

And here is the third of the three articles, Will Boisvert's reply to
Osha's response to his original article:


A highly useful discussion on the pros and cons of renewable vs nuclear energy.

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