[Marxism] Jacob Zuma Prepares to Depart a Diminished A.N.C.

Patrick Bond pbond at mail.ngo.za
Sat Dec 16 11:48:44 MST 2017

On 2017/12/16 01:32 PM, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
> ... “Theft and corruption in the private sector is as bad as that in 
> government,” he said.

This is true. It's typical for an either/or mentality to prevail, so 
it's vital to recall that Johannesburg corporations known locally as 
"White Monopoly Capital" are the world leaders in corruption, just as 
wicked as the "Zuptas" (Zuma plus the Gupta brothers). More: 

> State enterprises, through the awarding of contracts, or tenders, have 
> created an entire class of A.N.C. loyalists sometimes derided as 
> “tenderpreneurs.”

The NYTimes conveniently forgets to mention that a huge share of 
procurement contracts are overcharged by WMC corps, not black 

> “What makes this different is that people’s expectations of the A.N.C. 
> were higher because it was a latecomer and because of Mandela.”

And, though the NYTimes dare not admit this, because the South African 
proletariat is considered by the World Economic Forum to be the world's 
most militant (i.e., most "confrontational"), and has been since 
Marikana in 2012: 

Many of the lefties I know are rooting for Dlamini-Zuma, as a route to 
more rapid ANC degeneration, hence lowering its vote below 50% in the 
2019 national elections so the Economic Freedom Fighters can be major 

Most social democrats are desperately hoping for Ramaphosa to prevail, 
just to slow the state's looting. I think that's rather wishful thinking.

Also this week, Ramaphosa's old firm Lonmin died, and was bought for 
1.4% of its prior (2012) share price high. He helped kill it, by 
emailing in a request for "concomitant action" against the wildcat 
strikers at the Marikana platinum mine, 24 hours before the massacre.

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