[Marxism] Save TPS - a working class struggle

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Mon Dec 18 06:48:42 MST 2017

>From a working-class perspective, terminating TPS would be catastrophic for
workers and families. The Center for Migration Studies
<http://cmsny.org/publications/jmhs-tps-elsalvador-honduras-haiti/> (CMS)
has estimated that 81 to 88 percent of TPS-protected immigrants just from
El Salvador, Honduras, and Haiti participate in the labor market – well
above the rate for the total US population at 63 percent. Indeed, many TPS
workers have been in the US for so long that they’re now homeowners and
entrepreneurs, and so they are very invested in their local economies. For
example, Salvadorans with TPS must have continuously resided in the U.S.
since the designation date of March 9, 2001 – that’s more than a decade of
working legally and paying taxes in the U.S. Furthermore, the Center for
American Progress
calculates that the loss of TPS workers would cost employers $967 million
in turnover and reduce America’s GDP by $164 billion over a decade. Of
course, working people represent more than just economic contributions, but
you’d think that reports like these would influence rational policymakers.
But this administration operates with little regard to facts, policy briefs
by experts, or peer-reviewed research. Instead, it responds to the worst
instincts in our politics, even excusing and allying with white supremacy.
This is not rational. It is shamelessly racist.


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