[Marxism] so far, Trump is successful at whittling down the EPA

Dennis Brasky dmozart1756 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 22 11:43:13 MST 2017

Within the agency, science in particular is taking a hard hit. More than 27
percent of those who left this year were scientists, including 34
biologists and microbiologists; 19 chemists; 81 environmental engineers and
environmental scientists; and more than a dozen toxicologists, life
scientists and geologists. Employees say the exodus has left the agency
depleted of decades of knowledge about protecting the nation’s air and
water. Many also said they saw the departures as part of a more worrisome
trend of muting government scientists
<https://www.nytimes.com/2017/10/22/climate/epa-scientists.html>, cutting
research budgets and making it more difficult for academic scientists to serve
on advisory boards

In addition to losing scientists themselves, the offices at the E.P.A. that
deal most directly with science were drained of other workers this year.
The Office of Research and Development — which has three national
laboratories and four national centers with expertise on science and
technology issues — lost 69 people, while hiring three. At the Office of
Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention, responsible for regulating toxic
chemicals and pesticides, 54 people left and seven were hired. And in the
office that ensures safe drinking water, one person was hired, while 26

Several employees said they feared the departures with few replacements in
sight would put critical duties like responding to disasters and testing
water for toxic chemicals in jeopardy.

Agency staff said they believed the Trump administration was purposely
draining the E.P.A. of expertise and morale.

“This is exactly what they wanted, which is my biggest misgiving about
leaving,” Ms. Levin said. “They want the people there to be more docile and
nervous and less invested in the agency.”


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